Become the Differentiating Leader The World Needs


Episode 10

Published on:

3rd Nov, 2020

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About the Podcast

WE Leaders with Alana Fulvio
Become the Differentiating Leader The World Needs
This is no ordinary podcast. Alana seeks out to intentionally Disrupt and Expose the Ordinary Patterns of Leadership that lives inside of all of us and offers you a seat at the table to emerge as the new paradigm leader who will set the pace, tone, and bar for the world.

Your host, Alana Fulvio, a 13-time world record-holding skydiver with over 3500 jumps and ex Silicon Valley Advisor to some of the world’s greatest minds and companies, quit it all in 2014 after having been depleted emotionally, mentally, and spiritually from her experience of leaders who were more dedicated to the success of themselves (ME) than showing up with authenticity, integrity and in service of everyone around them having the lives they want committed to harnessing the power of inclusion to achieve the success of the greater collective whole, together (WE).

In 2015, after a year, a month, and 2 days on a solo RV journey with no plan around the US, she founded her company Pendulum and began the WE Leader Movement.

What this means for you is that on every episode, Alana gives you exclusive access to global WE Leaders who will unapologetically and transparently shake out the cobwebs of the confines of the historical definition of leadership. They reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly truths in the market today disempowering humans through disconnection and offer you invaluable unification breakthrough WE Leadership perspectives, rare strategies, and transformational skills so you can be the difference in the world for yourself and others.

Unlock the greatest leader inside of you so you can do it for others.

The WE Leader Movement is happening right now.

Will you make history or just be a part of it?

About your host

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Alana Fulvio

Alana Fulvio is a 13-time world record-holding Skydiver with over 3500 jumps, an Olympic Development Athlete, ex Silicon Valley in-house Talent, People and Culture Recruiter and Advisor for some of the world’s most successful companies like Linkedin and GoPro, psychic intuitive, podcast host, and women’s travel empowerment coach.

In 2014, Alana quit her corporate Silicon Valley career, and, after over a year on the road traveling the US alone in her RV as “the soul journeyer”, she founded her company Pendulum, LLC.

Alana now focusses Pendulum on helping leaders and their teams succeed within the biggest profit and people loss gap in business today – People, Culture and Leadership – it is the future of success. Alana is the "People First" Business Strategist and Advisor who has cracked the code on how to get Hiring, Retention, Culture, Employee Performance and Profit right, earlier than ever in history, offering the market simplified solutions to their historically complex problems.

Alana is known for building "WE Cultures": high-performing teams of retained and profit-driven employees with the least spend and time, with the highest ROI with positive employer brands to match.

Alana is an intuit, seer, and clairaudient and can read and see breakdowns before pen is put to paper, making her an integral asset to leadership.

As the WE Leader Movement founder, author/writer, sentient being advocate, and active volunteer with various human and animal nonprofits in the US and Africa, Alana delivers a differentiating partnership giving her clients the upper hand and accelerating their growth both professionally and personally.